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April 24, 2023

We have been talking with Avinash Sukhwani and Benoit Menardo, Co-Founders of Payflow, about their challenges, their dreams and their experience at 4YFN 2023. For those who don’t know Payflow what is it that you do? What’s special about your company? Payflow is an innovative Pay on Demand company that is transforming the way people […]

Welcome to Barcelona!

February 24, 2023

We’re proud to host and participate in the 9th edition of the 4YFN start-up event, where we’ve been participating since the beginning. #4YFN23 is a unique platform to connect with the city’s digital ecosystem. Whether you’re a start-up, investor, creator, or company… you’ll surely find out about innovative solutions and possible synergies. This year, we are accompanying […]

Barcelona-Catalonia is Southern Europe’s leading Startup Hub. Want to know why?

February 21, 2023

Catalonia has established itself as a hotbed for innovative startups. Catalonia’s startup ecosystem has increasingly emerged in recent years, attracting entrepreneurs, investors, and talent worldwide. With more than 2,000 startups, Barcelona-Catalonia ranks as the second-best place to set up a startup in Europe and the fifth-largest EU startup hub, generating a significant economic impact in […]

Talent Matching, the key to success for the creation of deep tech startups

February 14, 2023

Consolidating a good team is key to the viability of companies Developing a quality and personalised matching process is crucial The creation of science- and technology-based companies is a complex process, especially in the case of deep tech spin-offs, business initiatives promoted by the scientific community. In said cases of technology transfer, venture builders play a key facilitating role in validating business opportunities and creating skilled teams to lead disruptive startups.   When science requires entrepreneurs in […]

CaixaBank Content Programme

February 13, 2023

DayOne, CaixaBank’s division specialized in offering products and services for technology companies and their investors, will participate in the new edition of 4YFN from February 27th to March 2th with the aim of promoting and boosting the investment and entrepreneurial sector through a series of sessions and talks. Located in Hall 8.1, CaixaBank will have […]

Women Innovators Programme will be at 4YFN 2023

February 6, 2023

We are very pleased to announce that 11 entrepreneurs from the 2022 round of the Women Innovators Programme (WIP) will be joining 4YFN 2023. WIP, which is implemented in partnership between 4YFN and the UNDP, supports women in digital in the Arab States. Below we tell you more about the programme and the activities planned […]

Transitioning from Project-Based to Product-Oriented: Adopting a Startup Mindset for Corporate Success

February 1, 2023

By Oscar Escudero, Head of Digital Delivery at Zurich Technology Delivery Center The shift from a project-based approach to a product-oriented one is becoming a prevalent trend in the corporate world today. Several factors drive this tendency, from the success of product-oriented companies in the startup industry to the increased demand for IT & Business […]

Higher education after ChatGPT

February 1, 2023

These days, it is virtually impossible to have a conversation with students without someone mentioning ChatGPT. In a way, it makes sense: much of what we ask from students is for them be able to summarize, compare, and assess common methods, ideas, concepts, frameworks, etc., in the discipline. These are the things that ChatGPT does […]

10 years of BStartup

January 4, 2023

The pioneer financial partner for startups and scaleups in Spain At Banco Sabadell’s BStartup, we continue to work to be the best financial partner for startups, from seed stage to scale ups. It is of paramount importance that a startup can approach a bank that speaks its same language, that can interpret its business plan […]

Meet Magos – the startup behind “the hand”!

August 31, 2022

Greek HCI startup Magos was one of the big stars of our exhibition at 4YFN22. Their prototype XR glove even made it to our official post-event video! But beyond the PR, this company is hard at work aiming to bring cutting edge Human-Computer Interaction solutions into markets like healthcare, robotics and aerospace. We had a […]

Simplr ok 2

Meet Simplr – the startup making circular economy a reality!

July 5, 2022

Simplr, described as “The Amazon of the subscription economy”, aims to be the world’s first sustainable consumption channel. After their stand at 4YFN 2022 made the headlines as the events most sustainable design, we caught up with founders Daniel Romy and Angel Bou to hear about their vision for circular economy. They also had some […]

awards 22

HumanITcare: 4YFN22 Awards winner

March 28, 2022

Nuria Pastor and Unai Sánchez met at 4YFN 2017 and they both founded HumanITcare one year later. The Barcelona-based startup uses AI to improve access to healthcare and was selected as one of the five finalists to battle for the 4YFN Awards 2022. And they won. This is not closing the circle but it is […]

Investors at 4YFN

Investors at 4YFN22 and how to meet them

February 27, 2022

The total amount of capital available for investment in startups is skyrocketing at €22.6 Billion. In this article we tell you more about who these investors are, what are they looking for and some tips on how to meet them. From across the investment landscape, business angels, Venture capitalists, CVCs, family offices, investment banks, investment […]

4YFN UNDP women 2

Female founders from the Arab region will be at 4YFN 2022

February 26, 2022

We are very pleased to announce that 8 of the female founders who took part in the Women Innovators Programme, in partnership with the UNDP, will be with us at 4YFN 2022. Below we tell you more about the programme and the activities planned at the event. Joining forces to drive the social impact agenda […]


“The more diverse the companies are, the more we can capture the diversities and perceptions of society and customers.”

February 24, 2022

We’ve caught up with Yolanda Perez, director of BStartup Banco Sabadell – the bank’s programme supporting startups and scaleup through specialised financial services and investments, to look back at the bank’s role in supporting the innovation ecosystem and 4YFN along the years. BStartup Banco Sabadell is 4YFN22 Platinum Sponsor, supporting the startup ecosystem one more […]


CaixaBank participates in 4YFN to support the entrepreneurial ecosystem

February 17, 2022

DayOne, the division of CaixaBank specialized in providing products and services for tech companies and their investors, will participate from February 28 to March 3, in the new edition of 4YFN with the goal to strengthen and promote the investment and entrepreneurial sector through a series of sessions and talks. Located in Hall 6, CaixaBank […]

bcn activa

Welcome to Barcelona!

February 17, 2022

We’re proud to host and participate in the 8th edition of the 4YFN start-up event, where we’ve been participating since the beginning. #4YFN22 is a unique platform to connect with the city’s digital ecosystem. Whether you’re a start-up, investor, creator, or company… you’ll surely find out about innovative solutions and possible synergies. This year, we are accompanying […]


A bank that speaks your language, to take your startup as far as you want it to go.

February 10, 2022

At Banco Sabadell’s BStartup, we continue to work to be the best financial partner for startups, from seed stage to scale up. Because it is extremely important that a startup can approach a bank that speaks its same language, that can interpret its business plan and determine at which stage it is and what it […]

capital ok

For a deep tech start-up to succeed, partnerships with larger corporations are essential

February 10, 2022

Deep tech start-ups are relevant Deep tech start-ups are expected to have a large influence over the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Those of note include contributions towards health and well-being, industry, sustainable cities, responsible consumption, and production and climate action. Deep technology is based upon finding solutions to problems with a global impact […]


Spanish pavilion at 4YFN: a boost for Spanish startups

February 10, 2022

For the fifth consecutive year, Red.es and ICEX are jointly organising the Spanish Pavilion at 4YFN. In this edition, 40 startups will participate, representing the following verticals: “Frontier Tech” “Frontier Tech” -Artificial Intelligence, connectivity (5G and networks), robotics, materials (graphene, quantum materials)- and “Deep Tech”., ” Deep Tech Digital Health”, “Digital Health”-digital patient registration, analytics […]

esade RD

The R&D Economy

February 10, 2022

Xavier Ferras from the Esade Bachelor of Business Administration & Bachelor in Artificial Intelligence for Business Joseph Schumpeter (1883-1950) defined innovation as the introduction of new technologies in the market. Today, we know that innovation is much more than that. Companies can innovate in multiple ways: their products, processes, marketing strategies or business models. However, […]


Wayra will present its latest innovations at #4YFN22

February 10, 2022

Once again, Wayra will be present at the next edition of 4YFN. With the aim of presenting the most innovative projects that the company is working on and, above all, to share what open innovation is like at Telefónica, the heads of the different Wayra initiatives, as well as their startups, will participate in different […]

gran via

Catalonia Pavilion at 4YFN 2022

February 10, 2022

Once again, the 4YFN opens its doors in Barcelona and Catalonia to showcase to the world new trends and the most disruptive innovation that only startups can offer. This event was born and has grown in the best place ever: a city and a land open and receptive to transformations that can make a deep […]

Premium Guest Team

4YFN exhibitor Premiumguest is going international

January 19, 2022

Premiumguest co-founder Pol Domingo tells 4YFN about the company's international expansion and their experiences attending 4YFN events around the world.

“4YFN Awards opened a great window of visibility. It definitely helped us expanding our network for fundraising”

November 16, 2021

Boxmotions, the intelligent storage service startup founded in Barcelona by Àlex Corbacho and Pol Karaso won the 2018 4YFN Awards edition. 3 months later they closed a funding round with an international fund they met at the event in Barcelona. Boxmotions has revolutionized the “self-storage” sector and, after conquering the national territory, thet are expanding […]

“From our participation and recognition from the 4YFN Awards, we realized that our mission to improve the health of billions – is also important to cities and government.”

October 29, 2021

Breezometer is a successful company today, providing the most high-resolution and real-time air quality information though AI and machine learning to gather and understand data from multiple sources — including more than 47,000 sensors worldwide. They also won the 4YFN Awards in 2016 and we have been talking with them to know how the 4YFN […]

ILoF, a brand-new winner for the 4YFN Impact Awards 2021

July 27, 2021

Portugal based startup ILoF was crowned the winner of the 4YFN Impact Awards Barcelona 2021, after battling it out with five finalists on stage. We’ve had the chance to talk with them about the future of Digital Health, their future plans, applications of AI – and their experience at 4YFN. Do you want to know […]

Venture Investing Trends Citi Ventures Is Watching in 2021

June 18, 2021

To say that the COVID-19 era has been tumultuous would be an understatement. But while the past year-plus has demonstrated just how unpredictable the future can be, it has also provided insight into rapid cultural shifts, fertile grounds for innovation, and new avenues for growth across industries and regions. Citi Ventures’ Venture Investing team is […]

“At BStartup, we believe in the potential of technology and innovation to transform the economy, and also in the power of startups to create better products and services for people and businesses”.

May 24, 2021

The collaboration between 4YFN and Banco Sabadell’s BStartup dates back to 2013, when 4YFN’s founding team showed them a few slides unveiling a new initiative for startups during MWC. Right from the start, Banco Sabadell realised the unique opportunity this idea held for Barcelona and Spain: the effort to leverage the multitude of business opportunities […]

“Meaningful human connection is a universal human need, and we are looking to use our technology to help fulfill it”

April 16, 2021

We’ve caught up with Virginia Liu, Senior VP of Marketing and Ecosystems at Agora – the leading global real-time engagement (RTE) API provider. Virginia will drive us through Agora’s mission, how the company is changing consumer behavior, the impact of the pandemic on their work and much more! Read the full interview! In a nutshell, […]

“There are no limits when you have a natural calling”

March 19, 2021

On our journey into the future of Digital Health, we caught up with Ana Maiques, CEO of Neuroelectrics, a company that’s working to minimize brain disabilities and improve the quality of life for patients. Read the story of Ana’s journey from a bankrupt company in Belgium, to a thriving startup operating out of Barcelona and Boston, […]

GSMA Presents Health and Safety Plan for MWC and 4YFN 2021

March 8, 2021

A multi-layered plan to ensure a safe environment for everyone MWC21 takes place 28 June – 1 July 2021 in Barcelona 8 March 2021, London: The GSMA has shared details of its health and safety plan for MWC and 4YFN 2021 Barcelona. The plan was developed in coordination with and approved by the Catalan health […]

Pandemic Startup Heroes

January 25, 2021

In our "Pandemic startups Heroes" series we ask the startup communities from the 4YFN Community Club, as well as our partners from the 4YFN Programmes, to tell us about their own startup heroes, working from different parts of the world to make the world a better place during challenging times. 

Banco Sabadell’s BStartup programme continues to support startups and scaleups through a challenging times

January 21, 2021

We’ve caught up with Yolanda Perez, director of Banco Sabadell’s BStartup – the bank’s programme supporting startups and scaleup through specialised financial services and investments, to look back at the bank’s role in supporting the innovation ecosystem and 4YFN along the years, and especially during a challenging 2020. In a nutshell, for those who don’t […]

GSMA Statement on MWC Shanghai 2020

April 17, 2020

Shanghai: In light of current government guidance*, the global concern regarding the coronavirus outbreak, travel restrictions and other circumstances, the GSMA has cancelled MWC Shanghai 2020. The GSMA has been in regular contact with stakeholders, and sought the advice of health officials and other authorities, as health and safety remain our top priority. The GSMA […]

GSMA and Host City Parties Extend MWC Barcelona Agreement

April 15, 2020

World’s Premier Mobile and Vertical Ecosystem Event Extended Through MWC2024 London: The GSMA today announced an agreement to extend MWC Barcelona through to 2024. In light of the current Covid-19 pandemic, the GSMA and the Host City Parties have been working through the impacts of the cancellation of MWC Barcelona 2020 and are incredibly optimistic […]

GSMA Statement on Financial Package for MWC and 4YFN Barcelona 2020

March 25, 2020

London: Following the cancellation of MWC Barcelona 2020, the GSMA has given much consideration to a financial package for its clients which demonstrates genuine goodwill and also ensures the longevity and sustainability of the GSMA and MWC series of events. Our vision at the GSMA is to unlock the power of connectivity so that people, […]

Tech Initiatives in Barcelona

February 17, 2020

We are truly sad that 4YFN Barcelona 2020 and xside have been impossible to deliver because of the global concern regarding the coronavirus outbreak, travel concern and other circumstances that have made hosting the event impossible. It is heart-warming, however, to see our local ecosystem pulling together. We are aware that Barcelona’s communities are planning […]

A message from the 4YFN team

February 17, 2020

We are unbelievably disappointed that 4YFN Barcelona 2020 and xside are not able to go ahead because the global concern regarding the coronavirus outbreak, travel concern and other circumstances, have made it impossible. Of course, we are sad because we have worked so hard to bring you an incredible event, but most of all we […]

Oriol Pascual: When you work with science-based startups, innovation is everywhere

February 12, 2020

In the last 3 years the IQS Tech Factory startups have created over 230 jobs and already mobilized over €29 million in investments. They pay special attention to science-based entrepreneurship. Oriol Pascual is the managing director of IQS Tech Factory, the only industrial accelerator in Spain. IQS promotes and provides support to promising tech ventures, […]

The Vibrant Startups that Enhance 4YFN Barcelona 2020

February 12, 2020

At 4YFN Barcelona 2020 everything we do we do for startups. They are, without question, our raison d’être. Our mission and our purpose are to build the startup ecosystem for a better future. We thrive in the entrepreneurial spirit and we believe that the vibrancy of startup culture has the power to change the world. […]

10 Finalists of the Euroleague Basketball Fan XP Challenge to join 4YFN

February 10, 2020

A group of 10 ambitious and forward-thinking startups from around the world have been selected as finalists for the Euroleague Basketball 2020 Fan XP Innovation Challenge and will present their projects at 4YFN Barcelona 2020. The startup exhibition of the MWC, which expects more than 25,000 attendees, will welcome the 10 finalists, hailing from seven […]

Ambassadors of Creativity Introducing xside to the World

February 10, 2020

This year 4YFN, Sónar and MWC introduce xside, a groundbreaking gathering where converging creative communities unite. xside couldn’t have better ambassadors than Yvan Boudillet, Turo Pekari and Catherine Bischoff. Meet the men and woman helping the world get to know about the brand new event for design, creativity and technology. Yvan Boudillet Yvan is passionate […]

The Envoys Spreading the Good Word About 4YFN Barcelona 2020

February 10, 2020

There’s no better place for startups than 4YFN, the startup event of MWC, world’s largest exhibition for the mobile industry. And of course, the perfect breeding ground for startups that want to scale up, network and access game-changing ideas. Meet the ones who make all of this possible, our cutting edge ambassadors. These are the […]

Funds worth more than €5bn to attend 4YFN Barcelona 2020

February 7, 2020

Funds worth more than €5bn to attend 4YFN Barcelona 2020 Venture capital funds worth more than €5 billion in value will be present at 4YFN Barcelona 2020, according to new figures from the 4YFN Investors Club, a global membership network that connects investors to each other and startups ripe for investment. 4YFN takes place 24-26 […]

Pitch Perfect: How to Hook Your Investor

January 24, 2020

The only thing more important for a startup business than the right introduction is having a honed, compelling pitch. Some of the brightest startups can (and do!) fail, not because of the technologies behind them, but because of their failure to shine at the key moment. An opportunity to pitch may be less than 30 […]

4YFN Goes Badgeless

January 15, 2020

4YFN Barcelona 2020 has gone badgeless. The event this year will be accessible with facial recognition, with the plastic pass that hangs around attendees’ neck banished to analogue obscurity along with VHS tapes and cassettes. This positive step will mean that 4YFN will cut more than 15,000 plastic wallets and 15,000 plastic cards from the […]

No More Free Lunches. Or Tickets.

January 8, 2020

We have been very lucky over the years at 4YFN to have had the opportunity to share the 4YFN experience with so many people, from so many different backgrounds. We have grown from 2000 people in 2014 to more than 23,000 at the last edition. In our first year, we occupied 2000 square meters of […]

From Bootcamps to Book Clubs, Meetup Connects People IRL

December 20, 2019

Meetup has become ubiquitous as a way to make IRL (“In real life”) connections amidst a culture of  online communities. With events ranging from salsa classes to bible studies ,Meetup offers a full array of extracurricular activities for busy adults. There’s no  doubt that Meetup has facilitated real human connections over its 18-year history. Countless […]

John Chambers: Pace of Change Will Be 3-5 Times That of Internet Era

December 17, 2019

John Chambers steered technology behemoth Cisco for more than 25 years, growing the company’s revenue from $70 million to $47 billion and keeping it ahead of market transitions, in part, by strategically executing 180 acquisitions during his tenure. That means that John is not only uniquely positioned to understand the startup scene and how it […]

Give First and Disrupt: The Social Nest Foundation Talks Impact

December 17, 2019

For the first time, 4YFN has launched 4Impact – an initiative dedicated entirely to making the world a bit better by harnessing the power of entrepreneurship. We believe that the next generation of entrepreneurs have impact written into their DNA. They harbour our best hopes for change. At 4YFN Barcelona 2020, 4Impact will include a […]

Putting Startups on the Radar with The Innovator

December 17, 2019

The Innovator is one of our favourite publications, with a steady stream of startup news and a shared mission that 4YFN can get down with: to build the startup ecosystem for a better future by connecting startups, investors and corporates to help them grow together. Over the years, we have had the benefit of getting […]

Meeting Mastercard’s Biz Dev Director: Talking Digital First, Digital Identity and Spiderman

December 11, 2019

The fintech sector has matured. Although the growth of fintech has slowed from the dizzying heights of 2018, the fintech sector appears structurally sound and poised for long term growth – perhaps not of the double digit kind but the sort other sectors can only dream of. It’s an ecosystem that needs convening and curation […]

From Stagnation to the New Swiss Bank, HTC’s Vision for Mobile’s Future

December 11, 2019

HTC has been at the forefront of mobile innovation. Upgrades are maxed out and failing to move the needle forward, according to HTC’s Decentralized Chief Officer Phil Chen. He sees the future of mobile as powered by blockchain, incorporated into the very smart phone you are likely consuming this copy with. Blockchain’s myriad of applications […]

xside presents leading international voices in music and technology as speakers and performers for first event

December 3, 2019

A keynote from electronic music innovator and technology advocate Richie Hawtin and performance by music icon Honey Dijon among others will take the xside stage   xside will take place 24-26 of February at Fira Montjuïc, in parallel to 4YFN and MWC Barcelona 2020   xside will welcome over 25,000 attendees across three days and […]

Sprockit and 4YFN join forces to connect entertainment & tech at MWC Los Angeles

December 2, 2019

A month out from 4YFN (4 Years from Now) Los Angeles, connections made at the event are still talking and the dust is still settling over the LA Convention Centre. It was just the second time the world’s most influential startup event took place in LA, along with the global tech mega brand MWC. It […]

Stratospheric Growth of Health Startups is a Gamechanger for the Ecosystem

November 18, 2019

By Pere Duran. If I had to use one word to describe the health startup ecosystem, it would be healthy! We are witnessing a stratospheric rise in the number startups, giant leaps in innovation and record levels of investment to match. In just four years, the market grew from $70 billion to $172 billion (Statista […]

BIND 4.0 Basking in the Advanced Manufacturing Leadership of the Basque Country

November 14, 2019

The Basque country has one of the highest industrial concentrations in Europe. It is home to more than 30,000 researchers and it exports around a third of its GDP. More than a quarter of its GDP is industrial and is a base for many large corporations.[1] The autonomous region is an engine for growth for […]

Dashmote Gets Midas Touch at 4YFN Los Angeles Awards

November 11, 2019

The 4YFN Awards are the highlight of every 4YFN event and the awards in LA are quickly becoming a force for recognising some of the brightest rising stars in the startup ecosystem. Five finalists pitch it out on stage to a panel of judges who want to see a proven business model, scalability and a […]

GSMA and Sónar release first details of xside

October 23, 2019

Renowned festival of design and creativity OFFF, announced as first content partner 23 October 2019, Barcelona: The GSMA’s successful Four Years From Now (4YFN) start-up platform and Sónar, the international festival devoted to advanced music, creativity and technology, today announced further details of their hotly anticipated co-curated event, xside. Taking place within the 4YFN venue, […]

From Terminator to Animator, Tech in Hollywood Rules

October 16, 2019

Hollywood has long been a hotbed of technological innovation. From the introduction of ‘talkies’ to the golden age of Hollywood glamour and completely new worlds made of pixels created by artists and computer scientists – it is an industry that has perpetually reinvented its formats to push the boundaries of entertainment. Los Angeles is famed […]

Connected Cali: Open Data Opens Doors in LA

October 2, 2019

Connected Cali: Open Data Opens Doors in LA  Necessity is the mother of invention. The natural topography of Los Angeles and its sprawling suburbs present serious challenges in terms of mobility, air quality and sustainability. Together they are spawning clusters of innovation around connectivity in both the physical and virtual sense, from congested roads to the information superhighway.  Necessity  LA is almost […]

Mobile Workers Transform Modern Workplaces

September 25, 2019

4YFN Los Angeles sponsors Spaces may represent the most modern trend in workplace culture, but it comes with more than 30 years of industry know-how when it comes to office culture. Spaces is the latest brand offering of the International World Place Group (IWG), the holding company most famed for its ownership of Regus. Together […]

Nature of California Drives Impact Investment Leadership

September 13, 2019

California is the recognised centre of the technology world. Silicon Valley is the birthplace and natural home of many of the world’s biggest tech companies and LA is the playground of the rich and powerful.The high density of household famous tech brands in the West Coast and the social and environmental factors that characterise the […]

New Indiegogo CEO Andy Yang Joins 4YFN Speaker Lineup

September 13, 2019

Crowdfunding has revolutionized startup funding. The option to go to many investors for small contributions has democratized access to finance for entrepreneurs and winning ideas. Indiegogo has been a gamechanger in that regard. Since 2008, the Indiegogo community has helped bring more than 800,000 innovative ideas to life, empowering the startup ecosystem around the world.With […]

Barcelona Startup Success Proves Four Year Principle

September 10, 2019

A startup’s forth birthday is widely regarded as its most important. Four years from inception, 44% of startups will have failed. For the others, it is this timeline which proves the concept and therefore the future of the business. It turns out that 2015 in Barcelona was a magical moment in the city’s startup folklore. […]

Los Angeles is Optimistic about the Future of Artificial Intelligence

September 10, 2019

By Todd Terrazas, President of AI LA. Los Angeles is the second most populous city in America and the third largest GDP in the world behind Tokyo and New York. Besides our amazing weather and lower cost of living than Silicon Valley, we also have a flourishing investment scene helping develop the LA tech ecosystem. According to […]

Tinseltown Set to Lead Fair Development of AI

August 29, 2019

Last week, we were watching a beautiful sunset over Downtown LA and talking about the bright future we see for AI. Why were we talking about machine learning and supercomputing over tequilas and tacos in the home of entertainment? Are we bringing the future Skynet or The Matrix to 4YFN this October? In short, we […]

7 Perfect Reasons to Hit Up 4YFN LA This October

August 21, 2019

There are a million good reasons to join 4YFN in LA this year, whether you are a local startup wanting to spread your wings internationally or an overseas investors looking for a foothold in the US market. Warm weather, Hollywood stars and surf culture aside, Los Angeles has a rich offering for the tech community […]

The New Era of Work is Defined by Flexibility

July 30, 2019

The nature of work is changing. The centralised office setup of the past is swiftly being supplanted by a decentralised workforce more familiar with flexibility than the strict office culture that defined the decades leading up to the 90s. The stuffy nature of the formal office environment, with its cubicles, watercooler moments and strip lighting […]

A community for communities: why we launched the 4YFN Community Club

July 30, 2019

We are all aware of the importance of building a community. Communities help us to build and grow. Today, they are the expression of our networked world. They allow individual entrepreneurs and startups to be greater than the sum of their parts. Brad Feld wrote a book about it back in 2012 and is a prolific writer about […]

Sónar+D Kicks Off Groundbreaking Collaboration with 4YFN and GSMA MWC

July 29, 2019

Sónar+D Kicks Off Groundbreaking Collaboration with 4YFN and GSMA MWC Last Wednesday marked the kick off of the exciting new collaboration between two behemoth entities that have become institutions of Barcelona’s business and cultural fabric. At Sónar+D, the industry side of what DJ Mag called “the world’s leading festival of electronic music and art”, 4YFN and GSMA MWC joined forces with […]

Pitch for Purpose Winner Fantine to Turn Supply Chain into Blockchain

July 24, 2019

Chain of custody for commodities is a major headache. For everything from timber to palm oil, from coffee beans to cobalt – tracing the source of the ingredients that fuel modern life is notoriously difficult. In part that is because of how commodities are traded. They are bought and sold in massive quantities on the […]

4YFN’s Fourth Shanghai Show Delivers Success

July 8, 2019

4YFN Shanghai 2019 was the fourth outing of the event in Shanghai, realising its four year ambition to scale and grow in the Chinese market. This year’s Shanghai show was joined by over 100 exhibitors, more than 100 investment entities, 11 startup communities and thousands of visitors including some of the most senior telecoms executives […]

RefundMe Could Help Tourists Reclaim Billions in Unclaimed VAT

July 3, 2019

This year’s 4YFN Shanghai Awards brought together an impressive group of startups from around the world to battle it out to be named the show’s top startup. On the final day of 4YFN Shanghai, four of the finalists pitched live on stage to a panel of investors and startup experts. Each startup was given four […]

Lenovo’s Former CSO Shares Her Big Bets for 4 Years from Now

June 18, 2019

Lenovo is world’s largest manufacturer of PCs so we are incredibly proud to welcome Lenovo’s former Chief Strategy Officer Janet Tang to the 4YFN Stage. Who better to talk to us about corporate innovation than the head of strategy for one of China’s biggest multinational companies?Because we are so excited to have Janet join us, we […]

Congratulations to the finalists of the 4YFN Shanghai Awards!

June 12, 2019

We are delighted to announce the winners of this year’s 4YFN Shanghai Awards. This year we have selected five finalists who will pitch to a panel of investors live on stage at 14:00 on 28 June in Shanghai. Our finalists overcame dozens of entrants from around the world to make the shortlist for this year’s […]

Going Full Fintech at 4YFN Shanghai

June 6, 2019

As the fintech sector has matured in recent years, it has given rise to some serious challenger digital banks and remittance services, spawning a new generation of unicorns taking on the financial system. We were honoured to be joined at 4YFN Barcelona this year by Maximilian Tayenthal, the Founder & CFO of European online bank […]

Surcle Promises to Bring ‘Crowd-Engineering’ to 4YFN Shanghai

June 4, 2019

Bringing electronic hardware products to market is a tough challenge. Sourcing materials and components and finding the physical space to put them together before moving to full-scale production is a persistent problem for hardware development. 4YFN Shanghai exhibitor wants to change that, to bring products to market faster through a process it calls ‘crowd-engineering.’ We […]

4YFN Investor Partner Bets Big on Developing World Mobile

May 30, 2019

4YFN Investor Partner Bets Big on Developing World Mobile Smart feature phones are a vital tool for bridging the digital divide, bringing affordable internet connectivity to the developing world at a fraction of the cost for a smartphone. It means internet services are more democratically available, to the people who can benefit from them the […]

DataSed Will Transport Physical Body into the Digital World at 4YFN Shanghai

May 27, 2019

DataSed Will Transport Physical Body into the Digital World at 4YFN Shanghai The lines between the physical and virtual worlds are blurring. We are increasingly attached to our smartphones and computers, but we still exist in a mainly physical capacity – interacting with the digital space through interfaces like touch screens and keyboards. Intelligent image […]