4YFN startups shake the construction sector up with their innovative ideas!

Next week, Fira Barcelona will open its doors for its 20th edition of Barcelona Building Construmat, an international construction exhibition that lasts for 4 full days.

In its 20th edition, the trade-show has opted for a new model. This year they aim to attract international projects, which will highlight the latest technology trends and innovative products to encourage further digitisation and the introduction of new technologies within the industry.

The  four major areas present this year at Construmat, are:

  • the Industry Arena – a large exhibition hall,
  • the Future Arena – an area dedicated exclusively to innovation,
  • the Talks Arena – the main congress and debating area;
  • the Meetings Arena – an area reserved specifically for networking.


4YFN will be present in the Future Arena, showing off 12 pioneering projects that are set to disrupt and help pave the way for the construction sector to be more in line with the tech transformation that is currently happening across all industries.


Meet the exceptional startups that will be exhibiting under the 4YFN umbrella at Barcelona Building Construmat held at the prestigious venue Fira Gran Via Barcelona:

You Can Deco (Barcelona, Spain) is a visual CPQ (configure, price, quote) web app for the interior design market.

UNIC POOLS (Manacor, Spain) manufacture lightweight swimming pools for any environment using 3D printing techniques.

Decoramus (Bilbao, Spain) offers a unique home renovation service giving the user a deadline, a fixed price and a VR project showing the result prior to the work commencing.

SimBim Solutions (Barcelona, Spain) is one of the first pioneering and innovative BIM consultancy firms in Spain helping companies across the AEC industry adopt and realise the value from BIM technology.

Smart Engineering SL (Barcelona, Spain) provides cutting-edge engineering consultation services for implementation into smart cities, infrastructure and urban development projects.

Coco Plan (Valencia, Spain) offers a cloud platform for project management based on the Lean and Last Planner®: generation, tracking and control of production through planning and its indicators, helping teams to be more efficient.

Exploded View SL (Madrid, Spain) presents Plactherm, a revolutionary smart underfloor heating system, remotely controllable, highly efficient, compatible with renewable energies, environmentally friendly and most importantly, able to generate independent thermal zones.

SAALG Geomechanics (Barcelona, Spain) offers a tool that minimises geotechnical uncertainty in large civil engineering projects.

3 S’Tech (Girona, Spain) is focused on structural monitoring techniques. It enables the measurement of stresses inside the post-tensioned concrete systems.

Protopixel (Barcelona, Spain) offers smart lighting for the retail, hospitality and entertainment markets and allows greater expressiveness, easier automation and deployment in several venues directly from the cloud.

CL3VER (Barcelona, Spain) offers a proprietary web based platform for architecture and construction industries to visualise, present and collaborate on projects in 3D and VR.

ArqVR (Barcelona, Spain) offers remotely guided and controlled Virtual Reality solutions. You can review and present projects from Architecture, Engineering and Construction industries (AEC) in real time, enabling stakeholders from different locations to interact in a manner that significantly increases communication effectiveness and desired outcomes.

Don’t miss them pitching on stage from the Technical Corner Future Arena on Thursday 25 May from 15:00 – 16:30 hrs! More info here.


The startups that we bring to BB Construmat this year are fresh, innovative and raring to get their products known within the construction and building market.

Ione Ruete, Director of BB Construmat concluded: “This year, we are extremely excited about the presence and participation of 4YFN at BBConstrumat as it highlights the direction in which the sector is currently heading.The combined wealth of startup experience provided by 4YFN and the framework provided by the show will create the perfect atmosphere for the success of this initiative.”


4YFN at Barcelona Building Construmat takes place in Barcelona from 23 – 26 May 2017. If you would like to find out further information or purchase visitor passes, click here.