4YFN join forces with PUZZLE X to build a bridge between digital startups and materials deep tech researchers and entrepreneurs.

This partnership will connect both communities at the bleeding edge of science, innovation and development in core areas such as IoT, quantum, AI-enabled biotechnology and next-generation software-embedded technologies. Frontier Materials such as graphene, quantum materials, metamaterials and biomimicking materials are the building blocks of the future that will transform industries, cities and society.

Plan your Journey at 4YFN and PUZZLE X


16-18 November 2021

Touch, feel and experience Frontier Materials enabled products and technologies in a specially curated X-BIT Showcase on Nov 16.

Join the “Materials Entrepreneurship for Startup Success” Co-Create Workshop on Nov 17 to discuss growth strategies, roadmaps and trends for startup success.


28 Feb – 3 March 2022, Barcelona

Frontier Tech is one of the key Programmes at 4YFN 2022.

Keynote by Zina Cinker, Director General AMPT: Frontier Materials | What’s on the edge of materials deep tech.

More info coming soon.

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