The Vibrant Startups that Enhance 4YFN Barcelona 2020

The Vibrant Startups that Enhance 4YFN Barcelona 2020

At 4YFN Barcelona 2020 everything we do we do for startups. They are, without question, our raison d’être. Our mission and our purpose are to build the startup ecosystem for a better future. We thrive in the entrepreneurial spirit and we believe that the vibrancy of startup culture has the power to change the world.

This year, as part of the Startup First policy, every year we partner with startups that help us improve the experience of attendees.

Discover 4YFN Barcelona 2020’s outstanding startup collaborators:

  • Paper On The Rocks: Paper On The Rocks is an activist paper company that uses business to inspire and implement solutions to protect our forests. They use tree-free and resource-friendly paper. How can you have paper without trees? They’ve come up with a solution: stone and agricultural (plant) waste that results into forest-friendly notebooks. Paper On The Rocks is helping 4YFN Barcelona 2020 to be more environmentally conscious by replacing classic notebooks for speakers and VIP with theirs. As a company, they also donate their time, services, and at least 5% of their sales to reforestation efforts and natural reserve protection initiatives. You will find them at Hall 2, Stand H2.J8.
  • Playground: 4YFN Barcelona 2020 is all about disruption and Playground is on board. Playground has created a new way to consume and experience the music of diverse artists from around the globe. The user becomes the interpreter of the song and that experience deeply connects him to the artist’s universe. Playground does that through algorithms that use real-time rhythmic and melodic adjustments that take users through a harmonious musical path. And their amazing API is live on the xside website! You will find them at Hall 2, in the xside Startup Hub, where Playground is bringing its unique music experience during the mobile Sunday pre-event and on our website.
  • Open as App: We’re thrilled to collaborate with the first no-code platform for automated app creation and sharing. With Open as App, any company or organization can create, update, and share apps on multiple platforms instantly. Open as App is truly dynamic, keeps all the logic of your data source (formulas, calculations, charts…), and can even add data evaluation. Open as App is providing 4YFN with the technology behind our startup catalogue. Where to find them: Hall 2, Stand H2.J12.
  • Power2Impact: Who hasn’t run out of battery in the worst moment ever? We have all been there, suffered that. That’s why we are so glad Power2Impact is helping 4YFN Barcelona 2020 attendees keep their phones charged 24/7. Power2Impact is a portable battery company that wants to help people stay charged and happy. We will have 500 portable Power2Impact chargers around for free so that you can charge your smartphone on the go and not miss a thing! You will find them at Hall 1, Stand H1.D60.5

We’re looking forward to seeing the magic unfold this 4YFN Barcelona 2020!