The Envoys Spreading the Good Word About 4YFN Barcelona 2020

The Envoys Spreading the Good Word About 4YFN Barcelona 2020

There’s no better place for startups than 4YFN, the startup event of MWC, world’s largest exhibition for the mobile industry. And of course, the perfect breeding ground for startups that want to scale up, network and access game-changing ideas. Meet the ones who make all of this possible, our cutting edge ambassadors. These are the heroes helping to build the startup ecosystem for a better future.

Sasha Lipman

A great example of that is the Co-Founder of tech2impact, Sasha Lipman. Her main passions are impact tech and connecting people, and she has funnelled that into tech2impact, a global platform for the impact tech ecosystem that provides a digitalization program for NGOs. She’s based in Vienna, Austria, but is connected globally, having launched impressive initiatives like IMPACT growth hacking accelerator and organized a Global Pitch competition.

Krloos Rivera

Also passionate about technology, design and entrepreneurship, Krloos Rivera works as Chief Entrepreneur and Global Growth Officer at Social Nest Foundation. Based in Valencia, Social Nest fosters entrepreneurship, technology and investment for a positive social and environmental impact. He proudly led Valencia Startup Week with the Techstars Startup Programme.

Ben Costantini

If we talk about thinking globally, Ben Costantini is our man. He runs Startup Sesame, the global network of Tech events. Ben is an expert in the creative and mobility industries and has more than ten years of experience in conference organisation, since he has one of the most extensive and trusted networks of event founders in the world, which represents audiences of more than 400.000 attendees.

A huge thank you to all of the great advocates for 4YFN spreading the good word around the world – but most especially thank you to our official ambassadords Sasha, Krloos and Ben. See you at 4YFN!