Surcle Promises to Bring ‘Crowd-Engineering’ to 4YFN Shanghai

Surcle Promises to Bring ‘Crowd-Engineering’ to 4YFN Shanghai

Bringing electronic hardware products to market is a tough challenge. Sourcing materials and components and finding the physical space to put them together before moving to full-scale production is a persistent problem for hardware development.

4YFN Shanghai exhibitor wants to change that, to bring products to market faster through a process it calls ‘crowd-engineering.’ We had a fascinating chat with Surcle’s Vice President for Innovation Sabih Khan ahead of the company’s debut at 4YFN next month.

Tell me about your company and/or your technology is an end-to-end ecosystem for hardware development that unites engineers with innovators from all over the world. Our purpose is to bring products to market faster than traditional industries using a process we call “crowd-engineering.”

Why are you coming to 4YFN?

We are joining Asia’s leading event for next-generation technology to spread awareness about our platform and to help individuals, start-ups and corporations solve their hardest hardware challenges.

How is the world changing and how does that impact the development of your product or service?

Surcle was developed as a direct response to the needs identified from existing customers of our parent company Sourceability, a global technology company and hybrid distributor of electronic components. The aforementioned customer base has unanimously expressed difficulty in bringing electronic hardware products (and services) to market due to considerable gaps in the product development life cycle.

How does the geographical market or industry that you operate in differ from others?

Surcle is operating in the innovation and technology market, which has yet to develop a solid foothold in manufacturing, hardware development and component distribution industries. Most companies that function as network operators are connecting interested parties for SaaS-based products with a primary focus on software development and engineering. The difficulty of manufacturing hardware is that it requires a physical space to do so and that in itself makes it difficult to pool resources from various locales. We at Surcle are creating networks of individuals, firms, and institutions that are strategically co-located to work together in order to bring hardware products to life. Furthermore, regarding the aspects of the hardware development life cycle that are more design- and planning-heavy, certain projects can also be collaborated upon from remotely using our cloud-based environment.

What technologies and cutting-edge fields of research are you really excited about?
What’s new at your company?

Surcle has recently added two new offerings for our community! We are excited to launch both our matchmaking service as well as our very own project marketplace; these two services will give companies the opportunity to handpick specialized engineers for select projects and simultaneously allow experienced engineers to seek out projects they enjoy and desire for appropriate compensation.

What will your presence at 4YFN look like?

Surcle will have a promotional booth located in the 4YFN Startup area with key information about our platform, including how to register, best practices for project creation and some industry relevant material guides to help accelerate your hardware development. Please come by or check to stay up-to-date on our projects and announcements!

What is the best way to get in touch with you to find out more?

Please email [email protected] for any additional information or questions, also be sure to check out our social media pages and follow us!