4YFN exhibitor Premiumguest is going international

Premium Guest Team

4YFN exhibitor Premiumguest is going international

Barcelona-based startup Premiumguest has been a keen participant of 4YFNs different editions along the years, exhibiting with us not only in Barcelona, but also in Shanghai and Los Angeles. We’ve caught up with the companys co-founder and CMO, Pol Domingo, to hear about Premiumguest recent international expansion and the role 4YFN had in facilitating it!

Hi Pol! For those who don’t know Premiumguest what is it that you do? What’s special about your company?

Premiumguest is a software for event organizers (discotheques, beach clubs, hotels, restaurants, etc.) that allows them to manage their events under their own brand and promote themselves through new sales channels.

Our uniqueness is in that the database of an event belongs at all times to the organizer, unlike the traditional concept in which the ticketing company could have the right to use that database. In adition, Premiumguest allows the organizer to publish their events automatically in more than 100 sales channels to increase promotion and sales.

What has been your biggest challenge in 2021? And your biggest learning?

Our biggest challenge this past year, as it surely has been for most companies, has been Covid-19. The leisure sector has been, and continues to be, one of the hardest hit by the pandemic, as some of our clients have been forced to close for more than 19 months, and still do not see a clear reopening. We were very close to having to close the company. Fortunately, thanks to investors, we were able to get through it, and now it is Premiumguest’s best period. Our greatest learning has been to find the way to optimize resources, be constant and not give up in the face of adversity. After the hardest months, we have managed to attract major investors such as Oscar Pierre and Sacha Michaud from Glovo, Marcos Alves from The Fork, Carlota Pi from Holaluz, Pere Vallés from Exoticca, among others. In addition, Covid has given a great boost to the digitalization of our sector, which has allowed us to grow a lot. As a reference of this growth, this October’s turnover has multiplied x25 compared to the same month in 2019.

“Our greatest learning has been to find the way to optimize resources, be constant and not give up in the face of adversity. After the hardest months, we have managed to attract major investors.”

That’s impressive!

You have attended 4YFN in past editions. What is the most exciting thing for you about being at 4YFN?

4YFN has always been our startup event of reference. We have attended several editions, in Barcelona, Shanghai and Los Angeles, which has allowed us to meet startups and investors from all over the world. What we like most about 4YFN is the atmosphere and the networking events that are organized. Every day you finish the day with a feeling of euphoria, because of all the interesting people you have met and the new business opportunities you have generated.

We hear Premiumguest has some exciting news for us in which 4YFN played a humble role. Tell us more!

In December we started the internationalization of the company, in the United States. This has been made possible thanks to the feedback received from the VCs we met at 4YFN in Los Angeles back in 2019. Also, the 4YFN Barcelona event has helped us to generate contacts of great interest, which have allowed us to start this internationalization with more knowledge, and have opened the doors to new partnerships.

“4YFN has always been our startup event of reference… What we like the most about 4YFN is the atmosphere and the networking events”

Sounds very exciting indeed, good luck with this new chapter for the company!

Any advice for startups that are planning to attend 4YFN Barcelona in 2022? How can they make their participation as successful as yours?

First of all, it is important to come with your batteries 100% charged. It is a very intense week!

Secondly, there will always be a lot of people visiting your booth to ask you about your company. Even so, you should not forget to dedicate time to networking activities, the afterworks that take place in the afternoons and evenings. Also use your time to visit other stands and meet new people, investors, and startups that may be potential collaborators. There are thousands of opportunities that you cannot miss!

And, above all, and I think this is the most important thing: even if there is a lot of work, and some stressful moments, don’t forget to enjoy the experience!

Fantastic, Pol, thank you so much and see you and the Premiumguest team at 4YFN 2022!