New Indiegogo CEO Andy Yang Joins 4YFN Speaker Lineup

New Indiegogo CEO Andy Yang Joins 4YFN Speaker Lineup

Crowdfunding has revolutionized startup funding. The option to go to many investors for small contributions has democratized access to finance for entrepreneurs and winning ideas. Indiegogo has been a gamechanger in that regard. Since 2008, the Indiegogo community has helped bring more than 800,000 innovative ideas to life, empowering the startup ecosystem around the world.
With that in mind, we are elated to welcome Indiegogo’s CEO Andy Yang to the 4YFN stage in Los Angeles in October. Andy is a veteran of the topflight tech sector and recently took over as Indiegogo’s CEO. Andy very graciously gave us some time to talk to us about Indiegogo, its latest collaborations to help entrepreneurs and his big technology bet for four years from now.

For anyone who hasn’t heard of Indiegogo (assuming they’ve been living on Mars or in a coma for the last 10 years!), what is Indiegogo and how are you working with entrepreneurs?

Indiegogo is a crowdfunding platform that gives entrepreneurs everywhere a place to launch new and groundbreaking products. We help surface innovations in tech, design, and much more, all before they go mainstream. Our mission is to empower people to unite around ideas that matter to them and together make those ideas come to life. Indiegogo teamed up with Arrow Electronics and AT&T to help entrepreneurs develop better IoT devices. The collaboration through the Arrow Certification Program gives entrepreneurs access to the necessary tools and services to bring their product ideas to life. The Arrow Certification Program offers guidance on everything from designing a prototype to finding a manufacturer to sourcing materials and more and provides exclusive access to AT&T IoT data plans and resources.

What are you up to at 4YFN in LA?

Indiegogo is teaming up with Arrow Electronics and AT&T to sponsor a pitch competition on the 4FYN Discovery Stage. Our goal is to spread awareness about new and exciting IoT entrepreneurs, as well as promote the benefits that Arrow Certification Program and AT&T can provide to innovators looking to get a head start.

Technology is changing the world rapidly. What opportunities is it creating for your business?

Technology has allowed more ideas to come to life than ever before. Entrepreneurs are dreaming up products that can help improve people’s lives in novel ways, and we’re working to get those products directly into the hands of consumers as quickly as possible. Our collaboration allows entrepreneurs to make their products, find their first audience, and get their projects funded. Our global audience knows that we’re the number one crowdfunding site for high-tech products, and we’re delighted that we can connect innovators with early adopters.

What technologies and cutting edge fields of research are you really excited about?

We’re excited about advances in cellular technology for IoT products. It’s easier than ever for devices to enhance our lives and enrich our world. And with cellular connectivity, IoT devices can be more reliable and secure than their Wi-Fi counterparts.

What is your big bet on technology 4 years from now?

We believe that most IoT devices will be connected over cellular networks in four years from now. As costs continue to fall and network security is more important than ever, IoT entrepreneurs that want to stay competitive should start reevaluating cellular connectivity for their devices!