Meeting Mastercard’s Biz Dev Director: Talking Digital First, Digital Identity and Spiderman

Meeting Mastercard’s Biz Dev Director: Talking Digital First, Digital Identity and Spiderman

The fintech sector has matured. Although the growth of fintech has slowed from the dizzying heights of 2018, the fintech sector appears structurally sound and poised for long term growth – perhaps not of the double digit kind but the sort other sectors can only dream of.

It’s an ecosystem that needs convening and curation in the wild forest of the startup world and there’s no better place to do it than at the heart of one of the world’s biggest tech events, MWC. That’s why we created the Fintech Hub for 4YFN Barcelona 2020 with Mastercard, to bring together the field’s stakeholders to help it connect and grow.

Mastercard is a company that spans the entire fintech ecosystem, that helped invent global payments and that continues to drive innovation across the whole financial technology spectrum. We caught up with Mastercard’s Business Development Director Alejandro Banegas to find out what the world’s payments oracle is planning for the big show in February 2020.

Why are you coming to 4YFN? What do you want to explore?

Mastercard is the lead sponsor of the new Fintech Hub at 4YFN 2020, the first time a fintech hub like this has been established at an existing tech event. We want to share with the industry Mastercard´s recent developments in the startup/fintech world globally, including recent projects and technology solutions. Our aim, like most attending 4YFN, is to meet with relevant ecosystem partners to explore new collaboration opportunities.

What is your mantra?

My approach to work and innovation has always been: “Digital First”. With that approach, we can stay on the front foot and orientate ourselves towards the future.

Biggest Innovation in last 4 years?

The biggest innovation of the last four years has been biometric authentication, including the nearly ubiquitous rollout of facial recognition.

What is the next big disruption, four years from now?

I think Digital Identity will change everything.

Spiderman vs Batman?

Spiderman, every time


Because Spiderman is fast, easy and adaptive – just like a good entrepreneur!