Lenovo’s Former CSO Shares Her Big Bets for 4 Years from Now

Lenovo’s Former CSO Shares Her Big Bets for 4 Years from Now

Lenovo is world’s largest manufacturer of PCs so we are incredibly proud to welcome Lenovo’s former Chief Strategy Officer Janet Tang to the 4YFN Stage. Who better to talk to us about corporate innovation than the head of strategy for one of China’s biggest multinational companies?
Because we are so excited to have Janet join us, we wanted to get a sneak peak of what she’ll be discussing on the big stage and her big bets for the future of tech. Read on to find out what is top of mind for Lenovo’s chief strategic thinker.

Please tell us about Lenovo

Lenovo is a technology company of 30+ years. We are among the Fortune 500 and do business in >160 countries. Our products and technology include Intelligent Devices with the broadest range of smart devices, from PC to smartphones to Smart IOT devices and Data Center infrastructure. Lenovo is already world’s largest PC maker and is growing fast in the infrastructure business. In addition, we are expanding into providing solutions and services to enable intelligent transformation of various verticals.

You’re giving a talk at 4YFN Shanghai – can you give us a sneak preview of what you’ll be talking about?

In the panel, I will talk about the experience of a large corporate undertaking innovation. It has been a critical task during my years as the Chief Strategy Officer for the Lenovo. Our company has taken a multi-prone approach, both in house and through external ecosystems including setting up a corporate venture to invest in technology startups.

Technology is changing the world rapidly. What opportunities is it creating for your business?

We started as a device company. Our company’s latest strategy involves 3 opportunity areas: Smart IOT, Smart Infrastructure and Smart Verticals.

What technologies and cutting edge fields of research are you really excited about?

AI, 5G, and new development of Cloud technology.

What is your big bet on technology 4 years from now?

First technology ready for application:

• There will be more applications of AI, 5G and coupled with IOT and big data in the industries
• AR/VR technology will also become more maturing for wider usage
• Autonomous driving by that time will start to take off on a commercial scaleThen on the front of foundational technology, I hope there will be breakthrough in quantum computing and bio-engineering.