From Stagnation to the New Swiss Bank, HTC’s Vision for Mobile’s Future

From Stagnation to the New Swiss Bank, HTC’s Vision for Mobile’s Future

HTC has been at the forefront of mobile innovation. Upgrades are maxed out and failing to move the needle forward, according to HTC’s Decentralized Chief Officer Phil Chen. He sees the future of mobile as powered by blockchain, incorporated into the very smart phone you are likely consuming this copy with.

Blockchain’s myriad of applications go way beyond bitcoin and Phil’s vision is bold and ambitious. He’ll be sharing HTC’s outlook for a decentralized future during 4YFN Barcelona 2020 in February. Here we have a very sneak peak into his thoughts on the impact of bitcoin, the next big disruptors and the future of mobile.

Why are you coming to 4YFN? What do you want to explore?

The future of mobile has never looked more stagnant — as the majority of incumbent mobile device-makers continue to chase upgrades that aren’t moving the needle, there are plenty of opportunities for disruptors to take the space forward. At HTC we have EXODUS — we are revolutionising personal banking and putting a Swiss bank in people’s pockets, while providing a method of serving the many unbanked around the world.

I’m coming to 4YFN to talk more about our vision and plans, and to meet the many other disruptors and startups that will revolutionise the mobile industry in the years to come.

What is your mantra when it comes to work and to innovation?

Love your work.

What has been the biggest innovation or disruption to your field in the last 4 years?

Understanding the implications of the borderless, open, neutral, and public nature of bitcoin.
The need for regulation and legal thinking around digital property and the commons.

What technology are you most excited about 4 years from now and why?

Lightning, the layer 2 for bitcoin and public blockchains. Data ownership.

Spiderman or Batman?


How did you come to that conclusion?

Batman. The Dark Knight is an anti-hero, much like bitcoin. He’s an under-appreciated, anonymous billionaire like Satoshi.