From Bootcamps to Book Clubs, Meetup Connects People IRL

From Bootcamps to Book Clubs, Meetup Connects People IRL

Meetup has become ubiquitous as a way to make IRL (“In real life”) connections amidst a culture of  online communities. With events ranging from salsa classes to bible studies ,Meetup offers a full array of extracurricular activities for busy adults.

There’s no  doubt that Meetup has facilitated real human connections over its 18-year history. Countless Meetup members have found their spouses, best friends, business partners, clients, workout buddies, and neighbors they never knew they had.  (It certainly stands to reason that Meetup events may have been responsible for one or two hangovers over the years.)

Meetup’s CEO David Siegel will be joining us at 4YFN Barcelona 2020 as a speaker, and we’re delighted to have a leading luminary who’s in the business of  connecting people joining the programme. As the leader of a platform with more than 49 million members that’s facilitating more than 15,000 events per day, David is leading on a macroscale what the 4YFN does in an intensive microcosm. Here we give a sneak peak into David’s world, before it collides with our own at 4YFN Barcelona 2020.

Why are you coming to 4YFN? What do you want to explore?

I’m looking forward to talking with and learning from the innovators and the entrepreneurs of the startup community. I’m always interested in seeing the new ways people leverage technology to improve peoples’ lives.

What is your mantra when it comes to work and to innovation?

Be open to learning and willing to share knowledge.

What has been the biggest innovation or disruption to your field in the last 4 years?

In the case of Meetup, it has been the societal impact of using an online tool to connect offline. Understanding that in real-life networks are vital to business and personal pursuits in every part of the world.

What technology are you most excited about 4 years from now and why?

As CEO of Meetup, I care most about technologies that make humans more human. Meetup uses technology to get people off technology. Headspace uses technology to drive meditations and self-awareness. Strava uses technology to drive millions of users to run, bike, or hike. Peloton uses technology to enable people to work out harder and more effectively. Apple Health helps users track and manage their health. I’m most excited to see what else develops in this space.

Spiderman or Batman?


How did you come to that conclusion?

I’ve always thought Batman was just a guy with a costume who was more dependent on Robin than vice versa. I’ve always been told I have a good “spidey-sense” so Spiderman for sure. Plus, I look way better in Red than Navy Blue…