DataSed Will Transport Physical Body into the Digital World at 4YFN Shanghai

DataSed Will Transport Physical Body into the Digital World at 4YFN Shanghai

DataSed Will Transport Physical Body into the Digital World at 4YFN Shanghai

The lines between the physical and virtual worlds are blurring. We are increasingly attached to our smartphones and computers, but we still exist in a mainly physical capacity – interacting with the digital space through interfaces like touch screens and keyboards.

Intelligent image processing company DataSed promises to take your physical body into the virtual space. The company’s new 3D scanner ‘The Mero’ has the power to reconstruct your physical self as a digital twin, for applications ranging from VR entertainment to fitness.

4YFN Shanghai will be one of the first opportunities to take the journey from the real world person to 3D virtual image, to see yourself in digital splendour and begin to manipulate that image for self-improvement or entertainment.

To find out more about this exciting technology, we spoke to DataSed’s founder Linda Lin about what they have in store for 4YFN Shanghai and our real world delegates.

Tell me about your company and/or your technology

DataSed is a technology company dedicated to intelligent image processing, AR/MR solutions and three-dimensional image reconstruction technology. Our latest intelligent product is a 3D imaging body scanner “The Mero” which, in the form of a mirror, provides digital solutions for human body, such as body shape management, body data acquisition and analysis.

Why are you coming to 4YFN?

MWC is ASIA’s leading technology event. As a start-up, besides introducing Datased and our new product “The Mero” to the world, we hope to be tested by technologists and enthusiasts, to receive more opinions and suggestions, and to improve our product.

How does the industry that you operate in differ from others?

What technologies and cutting edge fields of research are you really excited about?

The next generation technologies must be 5G, AI plus Big Data. Then what can we do with these cool technologies? Connecting you to the virtual world is our mission and we hope to enable and bring the imaginative virtual world to your real life.

What will your presence at 4YFN look like?

At the 4YFN exhibition, you will experience our first-generation intelligent 3D imaging body scanner “The Mero”, create your high-precision 3D colour model and understand your body dimensions accurately. We’ll be there to envision a better you!

What is the best way to get in touch with you to find out more?

Please find out more by the visiting our website: