A community for communities: why we launched the 4YFN Community Club

A community for communities: why we launched the 4YFN Community Club

We are all aware of the importance of building a community. Communities help us to build and grow.

Today, they are the expression of our networked world. They allow individual entrepreneurs and startups to be greater than the sum of their parts. Brad Feld wrote a book about it back in 2012 and is a prolific writer about the topic (check out his blog!)

At 4YFN we love communities: they are the gateway to a secret world of innovators and forward thinkers. Communities are the ones behind the scene communing and developing that entrepreneurial spirit and helping to drive its growth.

We cannot deny that having an extended network is mandatory to get things done. An extended network can compensate for a lack of resource or expertise. It can make the difference between failing at something simple and succeeding at something complicated.

What if we can multiply our network by putting aside our ego and partnering with other communities that have the same vision? Is that naive? It might be, but communities are about cooperation, about shared ideas and the shared journeys to realise them.

We understand that every community has its own agenda but we strongly believe that we can (and should!) unite around our common goal: to develop entrepreneurship and drive innovation.

A community for communities

We want to bring together the weirdest and most wonderful collaborations, to bring together the widest and deepest experts with the most far out ideas we can imagine.

But more than that, we want to be a community for communities. We will curate and create together, provide resources, host events and the platform to collaborate across startup hubs from Berlin to Barcelona to Bangkok and Bangalore, from Miami to Madrid and everywhere in between.

We want to help you expand your network far beyond your city or your country, to become part of a greater international community and plug in to one of the world’s biggest innovation platforms.

On this Medium page, we will be inviting collaborators to share their thoughts and ideas with us and invite you to join the conversation.

Are you sharing our vision? Do you want to spread some community ❤️?

Contact our team at [email protected] and let’s build the most wonderful community together!


4YFN Team