4YFN Goes Badgeless

4YFN Goes Badgeless

4YFN Barcelona 2020 has gone badgeless. The event this year will be accessible with facial recognition, with the plastic pass that hangs around attendees’ neck banished to analogue obscurity along with VHS tapes and cassettes.

This positive step will mean that 4YFN will cut more than 15,000 plastic wallets and 15,000 plastic cards from the event by switching to the BREEZ facial recognition technology. As an event that has been carbon neutral since 2014, it is an important step as the event starts to reduce its plastic footprint as well as the carbon footprint.

Having trialled the system at 4YFN19, the aim is to have the entire event accessed entirely with facial recognition.

Facial recognition will speed up attendees’ entry in to 4YFN20 – attendees will be able walk into the event virtually uninterrupted. Processing times at the entrance are halved by swift access that negates the need to stop attendees and scan their badges. It also means that attendees need to show their ID once on arrival on their first entry to the venue and that’s it – then they can access the venue with unfettered ease.

Using facial recognition, despite relying on state-of-the-art technology, is really back to basics. Your unique visage has always been your unique identifier. And now it is your fast track entry to 4YFN.