4YFN and PUZZLE X™ Renew Partnership To Propel Frontier Tech Innovations in the Matterverse


4YFN and PUZZLE X™ Renew Partnership To Propel Frontier Tech Innovations in the Matterverse

This partnership will be highlighted during PUZZLE X 2022 with 4YFN members supporting the ecosystem at the event to explore the materials and deep tech innovations that bridge the Digital World and the Material world.

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In 2021, 4YFN was thrilled to enter a partnership with MATTER, Inc., the organizer of PUZZLE X, the world’s first platform and hub dedicated to Frontier and Deep Tech innovations. PUZZLE X aims to fast-track transformation in this market by accelerating the commercialization of the most bleeding-edge technologies of our time for a more prosperous and sustainable future.

As part of this partnership, we welcomed Dr. Zina Jarrahi Cinker, the Director-General of PUZZLE X, on stage at the 4YFN22 conference for a session about the Matterverse – the world of atoms and molecules, including interfacing technology and leaps in hardware innovation that move us closer to the ultimate form of connectivity to bridge the Digital World and Material World.

Zina Jarrahi Cinker speaking at 4YFN22

Dr. Cinker launched a message from our stage to the entire digital community, speaking to the importance of investing now in the physical building blocks and materials required to deliver tomorrow’s digital innovations. Moreover, she highlighted the opportunity to create a coalition to direct these efforts in a manner that is sustainable and is good for humanity.

Partnership renewal towards Puzzle X 2022

Today, towards PUZZLE X 2022, we are pleased to announce the renewal of our partnership, demonstrating a commitment to drive materials and deep tech innovations forward.

4YFN will be supporting PUZZLE X 2022, Nov 15-17, in Fira Barcelona Gran Via, providing members of our ecosystem with the possibility of discovering a wealth of content about the future of Frontier Tech, as well as the opportunity to connect with pioneers leading change in this emerging sector.

Puzzle X 2022 event highlights

The PUZZLE X program will include “Matterverse to Metaverse” to discover how the virtual world of metaverse and the physical world of matterverse can be connected with bleeding-edge technologies and interfaces. On Nov 16, PUZZLE X presents “Matter Expressionism” in collaboration with Sonar and UPC: a vibrant event of performative presentations weaving the science of Matter, Art, and Music.

Puzzle x 2022 visual journey

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take part in truly futuristic debates! Get your Free Puzzle X 2022 pass here: https://registration.firabarcelona.com/?cod_prom=QLMEM1IN#/en_GB/S143022/WEB

4YFN Frontier Tech programme to continue in 2023

Where metaverse- and quantum-related startups were a rare sight in the past, they are now a growing segment in the innovation ecosystem. We see more and more public and corporate programmes being set up to support entrepreneurs innovating in areas such as quantum computing, advanced materials, metaverse and deep tech. 

For this reason, 4YFN23 will feature, for the second year, a “Frontier Tech” programme, aiming to gather key ecosystem players, including creators, researchers, founders and opinion leaders, to guide the discussion within the framework of our main event theme: “Humanising Technology”.

PUZZLE X will bring exciting content to our Frontier Tech programme, reporting recent advances in the sector and debating critical barriers.


PUZZLE X™ is a global event and 365-day venture builder fast-tracking the development of Frontier & Materials Deep Tech for the future. The initiative is a Frontier Tech ecosystem generator aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), interfacing with bleeding-edge start-ups, corporates, leading scientific institutions, tech hubs, investors, governments, and civil societies. Supported by the Government of Spain, Generalitat of Catalonia and Barcelona City Hall, MATTER, Inc. leads the initiative in partnership with Fira Barcelona and Mobile World Capital to create the world’s first Frontier Materials hub in the heart of Barcelona. Featuring a vibrant international event, a start-up accelerator, venture builder and year-around engagement, PUZZLE X™ leverages the transformative power of Frontier Tech to drive the next chapter for citizens, cities, industries and societies.