A bank that speaks your language, to take your startup as far as you want it to go.


A bank that speaks your language, to take your startup as far as you want it to go.

At Banco Sabadell’s BStartup, we continue to work to be the best financial partner for startups, from seed stage to scale up.

Because it is extremely important that a startup can approach a bank that speaks its same language, that can interpret its business plan and determine at which stage it is and what it needs.

On this basis, 2013 marked the creation of BStartup, Banco Sabadell’s programme for startups and scaleups.

Our goal is to be the leading financial partner for startups and scaleups in Spain, providing them with specialised banking and equity investment. This is the vision behind BStartup team’s daily activities. 

No other bank in Spain had previously created a comprehensive programme for startups

We offer startups a number of banking services, including access to exclusive account managers, specific financial products and a specialised risk assessment.

Our investment targets early-stage digital and tech companies, with strong growth potential and scalable, innovative business models. Additionally, Banco Sabadell provides follow-on investments to portfolio companies and is committed to Open Innovation. We are sector agnostic, although we have launched two verticals: BStartupHealth and BStartupGreen.

Once again BStartup is 4YFN’s Platinum Sponsor

BStartup has been supporting 4YFN since its very first edition. From the start, we saw the potential of this initiative: the effort to leverage the multitude of business opportunities at MWC for the benefit of startups.

And as always, we want to share with the attendees our expertise in investment and banking services tailored to startups.

We look forward to seeing you at our stand to get the best advice on banking solutions for startups and seed-stage investment.

In addition, you can meet the most promising seed-stage startups that are already part of our investment portfolio.

Below is the schedule for Banco Sabadell’s BStartup stand so you can learn more about these companies:

Monday 28thTuesday 1stWednesday 2ndThursday 3rd
A planetNapptiveDive MedicalExoticca
SaiguAmphoraSycai MedicalStayforlong
WegawQbeastInbrain NeuroelectronicsMiCuento
Moa FoodtechIncapto CoofeeGate2BrainMondo

On Tuesday, 1st March at 4:05 p.m. at the Discovery Area, we will hold BStartup Pitching where you can meet them live.

And throughout this edition, we will offer at our stand quick content sessions that we have prepared in collaboration with our partners in the Spanish ecosystem: SeedRocket, Global Legal Tech Hub, Barcelona Health Hub, Startup Valencia, Barcelona Global, etc.

And finally, here is the agenda with BStartup’s official programming:

Monday, 28th February at 4:15 p.m. at the Banco Sabadell Stage:

How I sold my startup: moderated by Yolanda Pérez, BStartup Director. Here you will learn about the sale process of a startup through the experience of three startups recently sold in Spain.

Tuesday, 1st March at 4:15 p.m. at the Workshop Stage: Startup funding roadmap.

We have prepared a clear and complete overview of the main sources of private funding for startups, analysing what is most suitable at any given stage: Venture Capital, Venture Debt or Bank Financing.

Wednesday, 2nd March at 10 a.m. at the Banco Sabadell Stage:

What are VCs looking for in 2022? Jose Carol, Operational Director of BStartup, will present this session with the help of three top VC funds.

Bstartup’s team is looking forward to meeting you once again at 4YFN!