Discover the new 4YFN program that convenes startups, communities, investors that want to make a difference and have a positive impact in our world

Technology has already changed the world in weird and wonderful ways our ancestors could never have imagined. It will continue to change the world in ways we cannot yet even comprehend. Innovation has changed how we live and communicate. It has reduced infant and maternal mortality, stopped the spread of disease, freed millions from the shackles of grinding labour and allowed us to better ourselves as thinkers and humans.

The novelist Robert Byrne said “The purpose of life is a life of purpose”. As people, contentment comes from living a life with purpose and we need to realise that purpose through work. As a human organisation, it is in our DNA. The ideas of profit and social good are not mutually exclusive. 4YFN’s purpose is to build the startup ecosystem for a better future. That’s why we support 4Impact at 4YFN.

4Impact encapsulates the idea that business is good, that technology should improve people’s lives. It is the idea that we should back companies that can achieve some societal benefit and make money. Profit makes our endeavours sustainable. Purpose makes them worthy. Technology is changing the world. 4Impact can change it for the better. 

What to expect from 4Impact program

Conference: Get inspired and learn from people that are changing the world

4Impact village: Discover companies and connect with the key players

Networking: build meaningful connections