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080’s Best fashion startup reveals what winning the Investors Day Award means to them…

On 28 June 2017, 080 Investor Day celebrated its 3rd edition as part of the prestigious 080 Barcelona Fashion event that takes place annually at the beautifully restored hospital, which is now known as Europe’s largest art nouveau site, the Recinto Modernista de Sant Pau, Barcelona.

The 080 Investor Day, co-organised by Seed & Click and 080 Barcelona Fashion, not only aims to generate business connections  and networking among fashion startups and internationally renowned investors, but also gives visibility to emerging talents in Catalonia who have created their own fashion brands and who want to connect with potential investors and established fashion companies.

The day consisted of interesting talks on how fashion and tech can be interlinked by leading fashion tech experts, Corey Moran (Google) and Matthew Drinkwater (LFC) and pitching sessions from the five finalist startups that were selected from the call that was open earlier in the year. Each entrepreneur was given five minutes to wow the audience, and most importantly the jury.

The jury members sat at the front were David Drake (LDJ Capital), Jan Brinckmann (ESADE), Corey Moran(Google), Matthew Drinkwater (LFC), Enric Jové (McCann Worldgroup), Javier Blázquez (Baker McKenzie), Karina Riera (4YFN), Luis Lara (KPMG) and Manuel Moreno (Grupo Zeta).

They evaluated the finalists and chose the best fashion startup who received a prize valued at €100,000. Watch the official highlights video of the event here!

We caught up with the lucky winner to find out about their triumphant application and what the award means to them in taking their business forward. We introduce to you, the fantastic and truly innovative startup, YUMEHUB….


Tell us a bit about your winning application and what encouraged you to participate in the 080 Investor Day Awards?

YUMEHUB is a fashion app that helps people to choose which outfit they look best in. The project was born between NYC and Barcelona and so, we always try to be really involved in any kind of event that happens in either of these cities, as long as they are related to our project and in line with the current stage we are at.

What made this startup competition stand out from the others and really grabbed our attention from the very beginning was the fact that this award was part of the 080 Barcelona Fashion event.

The 080 is THE fashion event in Barcelona, so we knew in advance that our target audience, including potential users and potential investors would be there looking for opportunities in the fashion sector. This alone made us focus all our efforts on preparing the best pitch to at least get the audience’s attention.

The competition is the main attraction during the 080 Investors Day and all pitches are in front of a 200 strong audience, as well as influential and international fashion-related judges. For us this meant a unique and key opportunity to pitch in front of targeted investors, partners and players within the fashtech sector.

Moreover, as we recently opened up a Seed round we knew not only that we had to apply but we had to shine, so we prepared carefully – every little detail of it!


As the winner of the “Best Fashion Startup” category, what words of encouragement would you give to other entrepreneurs looking to apply next year?

I know it sounds kind of typical but I would tell them “Don’t give up” and to “Believe in yourself and go for it, because yes, you can make it.” A few things that I’ve learned so far is that there is no such thing as luck, there is only preparation and hard work. Choose your team wisely and sooner or later, you’ll get where you want. Even though we won this award, there is a lot more to do and we still have a long journey ahead of us. Best part? We are absolutely ready for it!! There are many entrepreneurs out there doing awesome things so each and every one of us needs to believe in our own projects and be ready to excel in performance every day.


What does it mean to you to have won this type of award?

For us, winning the 080 Investors Day Award for the best fashion startup means not only recognition by top industry experts but an opportunity to show and share with everyone what we are doing and what we hope to achieve.

Other companies have done similar things to us in the past, however we have added image recognition on real time, AI and self-developed algorithms to make the technology even smarter, generate better meaningful data, while the end user has fun using it!

This award allows us to reach out to investors, media and brands, and to look for further collaborations to help scale the project before the big giants come in, which eventually they will, as it is one of the hottest sectors right now.


What has happened for YUMEHUB since the awards and what do you plan to do for the year ahead?

Well, thanks to the award we got attention from new potential investors, media and fashion brands. Plus, we recently opened a seed round, therefore having the opportunity to pitch in front of an audience full of investor’s focused in the fashion sector was key.

Our focus is now to find investors who share the same vision as we do and who are willing to jump on board and take this fun and challenging ride with us. Further plans within the next 12 months include enlarging the team, launching new functionalities and being always in touch with our users in order to analyse and emphasise YUMEHUB following their behavior.


Did you make some worthwhile connections with other startups or investors?

Indeed, we did! So far we have met with other startups/brands that were pitching with us and interesting collaborations are coming up. You’ll hear more about it in the next few months, so stay tuned!


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